Type: Officially Appointed Bodies

Foundation for Affordable Accommodation

The Foundation for Affordable Housing is a collaboration between the Government of Malta and the Archdiocese of Malta set up to create social and financial value by promoting adequate and affordable housing solutions. As a social enterprise, it operates within market dynamics to attain social aims. Rooted in social innovation, the Foundation for Affordable Housing undertakes development, residential leasing, and designs financial tools to extend access to adequate housing.

Housing Maintenance and Embellishment Ltd

Housing Maintenance and Embellishment Ltd is responsible with the embellishment and restoration projects entrusted to the company. Furthermore, HME works hand in hand with the Housing Authority with the regeneration of all the existing social housing estates in Malta and Gozo.

Social Projects Management Ltd

Social Projects Management Ltd is a government entity specialising in construction project management. The SPML has been entrusted with various social and government projects including all the new social housing estates being built in Malta and Gozo.